Privacy Policy





We don't want any personal data to be used for further processing. We don't collect them, we don't process them for further use. Don't send us any, never write a review for personal number.


To protect you our app needs two system permissions - to read your Contacts, and to be able to catch the calls. If you also set our app as a default phone app it will stay alive and will not be killed by the system.


Those data are safe in your mobile. We must be able to read them, but we don't send them anywhere, we don't share them. We just need to read the Contact to be able to distinguish the numbers you already know.


Every reviews or comments written using our application and/or the web pages are visible to public audience. Your phone number reviews are shared with other users. Such data are connected to you by your account (with your provided e-mail address) to provide you reviews management and backup features.


We do collect ANONYMOUS stats about activity of unknown phone numbers which are not stored in your Contacts (that's why we also need to read your Contacts). This helps us to detect new threats as soon as possible - our team then tries to find some info for such numbers to release a warning for public.


There are two possibilities when we need your email address. First - your email address is used by the application to link your phone number reviews to provide the data management and backup features for you. Second - if you write a problem report then the email address is used for our communication with you. And that's it, we don't provide your email address to any 3rd party company. Also we can use it to send you some informational email regarding this product, or very rarely some info concerning your reviews or the community. We will ask you for a separate permission to send you the security bulletin, community info and our tips for a better protection via emailing service, you can reject this approval any time.


As for the mobile application, some features like reviews download or database update must use our web service. Our web service collects anonymous statistics about visitors and service usage (cookies). For more details please see below the detailed Privacy Policy.


Privacy matters a lot to us but it can be confusing for the users. Please read this explanation of our approach to privacy in our application and the web service. Here below you can find the list of personal data we collect and use.

First of all, the intention of our service is to bring information about phone numbers used for public and/or business purposes. To be able to provide this service we need to collect some information and also we need to be able to protect such data. The service contains two main parts - web pages with community database of user reviews and mobile application using this database.

According to the Global Data Protection Policy we process some personal data, but no personal data are sent anywhere for further processing and/or profiling of user behaviour for purposes of our service. If any personal data are collected they are stored separately and not used for further processing and/or profiling and can be deleted upon request. Please read below what kind of data we use during some actions:

Your phone Contacts

Our application needs the access to your Phone Contacts to be able to distinguish what numbers you already know - such calls are then not blocked (depending on the settings). Also we need to read your Contacts to avoid of collecting such calls - even for anonymous statistics processing. Even or thanks to this access our app doesn't send any of your contact information from your mobile.

Anonymous Stats about Phone Calls

Telemarketing companies use many new numbers each day. To be able to react on the same basis our application stores data about numbers unknown to you calling during the day and when you connect to our server the app sends those data as an anonymous statistics - just the unknown number and number of calls is sent. Then our team process all those unknown phone numbers according to a number of statistic reports combined from all users and we try to provide a warning for numbers calling too many people during the same day.

Single number in request for getting user reviews

You can display the user reviews for some specific number directly in your mobile from our database. Displaying of user reviews for the respective number needs your permission to send such phone number first to our server to request the data. For this we need your confirmation that the respective number will be send to our server as a part of the query.

Submitting of own phone number review / requesting of review removal

  • User can send a review for any phone number or comment of another user's review - from our web pages and also from the application. Before doing it, please read the "TERMS OF USE" for limitations. If you fill and send a phone number rating, you agree with publishing the phone number and all provided information on our website. Please avoid of publishing data for personal numbers. Together with the text of the review we also store technical information about the request - time, email address (if provided), IP address and agent - for solving problems with illegal activity.
  • Please be aware that part of the IP address will be displayed if user doesn't fill some meaningful name or nickname for the review. The IP address can helps us to prevent multiple ratings from the same source for one number and also helps us to protect our web pages from spam and DDoS attacks. We never display the full IP address of any writer to the public. IP address is also compared if some user asks us to remove any review and declares to be the author of it - in such case please try to send the removal request always from the same device (IP address) as the original review (for information how to ask for removal removing please read the "WHAT TO DO IF ..." section).
  • Email address is needed in case you ask us to remove some review - in most cases we must be able to communicate with the requestor and/or with the author of the respective review. In such cases the email address is used, but never displayed publicly and/or sent to any 3rd party.

Personal data used directly for the service

  • Your name - when sending a trouble ticket from the application, your name is send to our help desk team, used just for this purpose. Also the name is used for your user account.
  • Your e-mail address - also used for the trouble tickets, and for our service when communicating with you on a general basis. Your account in the application is signed by your email address. We also might send you some newsletters regarding our service. We do not need your permission to use your e-mail for service communication, but we definitely need you to grant us with possibility to send you newsletters. This grant can be revoked any time.
  • IP Address - as written above, the IP address can be sometimes used - it is stored for every review and compared if needed. The reason for this is to be sure that someone is not trying to mislead the general public by fake actions.
  • Anonymised phone numbers from call log - when you send us the trouble ticket, it contains the phone numbers from the call log. We always send them to our server in an anonymised shape, if we need them further for the problem solving.

Using our web service

  • Some features like reviews download, database update, and phone number info search uses our web service. Our web service collects anonymous statistics about visitors and service usage. For this purpose we use cookies:
  • We use cookies to record the presence of visitor, and therefore to be able to better communicate with the visitor of our web site. Cookies are small files which are stored on your hard drive. They ease navigation, and increase the user-friendliness of a web site. Two kinds of cookies are basically used - technical cookies providing the information sent together with user reviews and Google Analytics cookies (our pages display advertisements from Google AdSense/AdExchange service - for this service the Google Analytics cookies are used). To read more about this kind of cookies, how they are used and how to disable it if you don't want it please read the statement from Google at and also the global policy and cookies handling at

Used 3rd party services

We are using some 3rd party services to achieve required functionality.

  • Google Analytics?is used for gathering statistics about web usage only. Remarketing scripts are disabled and visitor IP address is anonymized. More information about Google Analytics privacy policy can be found here:?
  • Google AdSense/AdExchange?is used for displaying Ads. Please understand that ads help to keep this project running. Thanks to ads our services is available for free to all users. Google's use of advertising cookies enables it and its partners to serve ads to our users based on their visit to our sites and/or other sites on the Internet. You can opt out of some third-party vendors’ uses of cookies for personalized advertising by visiting? Starting by 25.5.2018 the non personalised ads will be displayed for users in EU. Personalised ads will be displayed upon user permission only. More information about Google Ads can be found here:?
  • G Suite from Google?is used for email hosting. All emails are stored on this platform. More information about G Suite security can be found here:?
  • GrooveHQ?is used for ticketing management. If you send email to our support or fill the Report Issue form, then new ticket is created. Ticket contains your email address and your message. Tickets created from the app also contains basic information about the app configuration. App logs are not included in the ticket. More information about GrooveHQ GDPR compliance can be found here:?
  • used for processing apps analytics and data for issues tracking. If something bad happens in the app or you manually report the issue, the app logs are sent to this service. App logs do not contain any personal data. Phone numbers contained in the log are anonymized. More information about Data Processing and Security Terms can be found here:?

Revoking the grants - withdrawal of consent

  • User can withdraw any consent given to us any time. With such action, please write to our support to anonymise and/or delete any of your private data if still stored in our database (old e-mail, logs, data backups etc.)
  • Sometimes it can happen that someone creates a review for your personal phone number - and sometimes we are not able to recognize such numbers. In such case please write to our support and we will delete all such reviews, also anonymously marking the number as private, so no other review will be ever displayed for it on our pages.
  • On the other hand - if you put your number as a query on our pages, we will very likely display empty answering page just stating that we have no data for that number. Such data are just a polite answer, not stored anywhere - so it is pointless to ask us to delete such page. It's just a polite answer to a polite question.


We may update this privacy policy anytime to keep this description in sync with used technology.


If you have any questions about privacy policy, please write to us by email?